A family business that is growing 

Since we started our chimney sweeping business in 2016, we have been surprised at how fast it has grown. We thoroughly enjoy helping people to make the most of their homes with the luxury of a fire. It gives us great pleasure ensuring our customers are safe and warm in front of the fire they love.

To get the most out of your fire we recommend turning the television off, pouring the wine and relaxing, with the fire burning bright at the heart of it all. 

Our little business started in the New Forest. Realising the need to supply a quality service, we obtained the needed training from APICS (Association of Professional Independant Chimney Sweeps). Along with practical training from Whites Chimney Sweeps, based in Swanley, we are compentently providing a service that clients are happy with and ready to recommend. Due to the relative newness of our business, as compared to other local sweeps that may have been established for many years,  we naturally have a greater availability and flexibility to suit our clients. Even though our little business is growing fast, we hope to always maintain a flexibility to service your chimney at a time and day convenient for you.

Our Area of Expertise


To sweep a chimney is not rocket science but to ensure that all soot and tar is removed from the chimney, making it work effeciently and safe for use, the best and safest choice is to have it removed professionally.
Wherever possible we use a power sweeping system which is the most thorough way of cleaning your chimney.


Sweeping the chimney and cleaning up what has come down are only two thirds of the proper workings of your appliance. Should you need an anti-down draught cowl to be fitted, a bird guard installed or a chimney pot replaced, we are happy to complete the work for you.


Sometimes, all that is needed is a little direction on how to solve a problem that you are experiencing with your fire.
Talk to us and we hope to be able to help you out.
Maybe the solution is simple and no physical work will be needed.

A common complaint is that smoke comes back into the room when first lit. This issue can be solved by just warming the chimney a little before lighting the fire. Even just having a few candles burning in the fireplace can help get warm air moving in the right direction and start the draw of the chimney. Or just use more flamable kindling and newspaper to create more flames, which will heat the chimney and create the needed draw.

How we work

With our customer satisfaction priority, you are in control.
We will make recommendations, but will not proceed unless you say so.


Gathering relevant information

In order to have no surprises on the day, we will need to know before we arrive:
* The general age of the property
* What appliance it is e.g open fire or stove
* If you are experiencing any problems
* Whether a bird guard is fitted or not


Booking in

Once we are both happy with what needs to be done, we can arrange a time and date for the work to take place. We will keep you updated if there is any delay, such as traffic or the previous customer may have needed extra work that was unforseen


On the day…

A standard chimney sweeping service will take just under an hour.
If extra small works are needed usually these can completed the same day, but if extensive work or other materials are required, we will need to arrange for another visit